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The Garden of Eden🇬🇧

I was not a rebellious teenager. Had my own opinions for sure, and dressed up in strange clothes.  But l was not much of a prankster. That’s why this unexpected event still remains a mystery to me…

Not far away from were I lived as a kid; in between houses and high-risers, there is a monastery. Surrounded by trees.  Green and luxuriant, like a Garden of Eden in miniature. 

The night was still bright, and I was riding my bike with Bestie. After a while we came to the monastery. How about a little peak into the garden? We parked our bikes, before we climbed over the fence.

The trees were bulging with fruits, and the smell was heavenly sweet. I couldn’t resist myself, and grabbed an apple. Let it slid down my pocket; and was about to take another one, when all of a sudden I heard a voice: “Well, hello there!” I froze, petrified over the fact that I was caught red-handed.

“Come with me!” The soft, yet firm voice belonged to an older nun. She reached out for our hands, and led us in to the monastery. We got a guided tour. The apple burned in my pocket. We drank tea together. The apple felt heavy in my pocket. She followed us out to the gate, and gave us a blessing on our way out. The apple? I put it unnoticed in the fruit bowl at home…


Music, writing, knitting and coffee. The love for my dogs and family. Wow! That sounds boring...

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